about_picA simple footcare routine is easy to achieve at home and will help prevent problems such as cracked heels and calluses.

Giving your feet some regular care and attention will also help you identify anything out of the ordinary which may need professional advice or treatment.

Just letting water run over your feet in the shower is not enough, take the time everyday to wash your feet all over and in particular between your toes. Removing dirt, sweat and bacteria will help prevent infections and also stop them smelling!

After washing it’s important to dry your feet carefully, because bacteria and fungi love warm, moist conditions. Dry feet gently but carefully ensuring that you dry between all of your toes.

If you, or someone in your family is suffering from a foot condition don’t share towels, socks or shoes. If in any doubt over a foot condition seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Ideally you should moisturize your feet in the morning and evening to help keep the skin hydrated & supple as the skin on your feet can dry out quickly, especially in the summer. Try to make moisturizing your feet part of your daily body care routine as regular moisturisation will help prevent both the build up of hard skin and dry or cracked skin.

Toenails need to be trimmed regularly to keep them in good shape and to help prevent them thickening or growing in the wrong way. Use a specialist toenail clipper and always cut straight across and follow the natural shape of each nail. Don’t cut too close or down the sides of your nails as this can result in soreness, infections or the nail growing inwards.

If your toenails are hard or thick and difficult to cut try soaking them in warm water to soften them. If you are still experiencing problems then seek the advice of a Chiropodist or Podiatrist.

As well as washing feet daily, a fresh pair of socks or hosiery will help keep feet feeling fresh and prevent odours developing. Try to change the shoes you wear every day, your feet will sweat in the shoes and rotating footwear will allow them to dry out thoroughly.

Feet do sweat and will sometimes smell, so if this occurs, especially in the summer use a foot spray and/or shoe insoles to help control the problem.