Corns are calluses that occur most commonly on the top of the toes although they do also occur on the soles of the feet and between the toes.

A corn is a small layer of thick, dead skin that develops to act as padding over skin tissue that has been subjected to excessive pressure. They are a reaction to abuse and stress and are an attempt by the body to protect the foot.

cornExcess pressure which leads to corns can be caused by tight shoes, deformed toes, seams or stitches inside shoes that rub against the toes, abnormalities of walking or bunions. They are most common in women.

Corns are highly visible and can cause considerable discomfort. It is best to visit your doctor for a through examination of your feet. Your doctor may trim the corn by shaving the dead layers of the skin off with a scalpel to restore the normal contour of the skin and relieve pain.

Soaking your feet regularly and using a pumice stone can soften and reduce the size of your corn. Wearing a donut shaped foam pad over the corn will also help relive the pressure.

To prevent corns developing in the first place it is important to avoid extra pressure on your feet. Cautionary measures can be taken like wearing shoes that fit your feet correctly or wearing thick socks for all sports activities and when wearing thick socks also wearing a larger shoe size.

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