Think Atlas was under pressure by having to hold up the celestial sphere? Consider what your feet have to go through! Every mile you walk puts 60 tons of stress on each foot. While impressive, putting too much stress on your feet over time can cause a lot of damage.

feet2picWhen you hammer your heels on hard surfaces, after time, you may develop heel pain – the most common problem affecting the foot and ankle. If gone untreated, heel pain can become a chronic condition that will lead to even more problems.

At Gentle Footcare, we can help heal your heels. If your heel hurts, come in and ask for Anamelva, our Registered Chiropodist who can help determine why you’re feeling pain and provide you with the proper treatment right away.

You need your feet just as much as your feet need you. Take the pressure off of them and give them the care they deserve.

We look forward to treating you.
Feet dreams.

anaBy Anamelva Revoredo B.Sc., D.Ch., IIWCC
In an ongoing series, Anamelva will share her knowledge regarding common foot ailments and appropriate treatments. Most of us will encounter a problem at one time or another, so read and learn! If you’re in pain, or suffer from any of the ensuing conditions, call Anamelva today!