Diabetes sufferers are prone to foot problems. It can cause nerve damage, which reduces sensation making it more difficult to sense trauma on the foot. Diabetes can also affect circulation in the legs and feet, which makes it harder for wounds to heal. Foot infection is the most common reason for hospitalization among diabetes sufferers. Wounds and foot ulcers are the primary causes of amputation for those with diabetes.

old_guyPeople with diabetes should regularly examine their feet, but those who are particularly at risk including people who have had diabetes for longer than 10 years, males, those with heart, eye or kidney complications and those with poor glucose control need to take added precautions to avoid foot complications by visiting their chiropodist regularly.

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anaBy Anamelva Revoredo B.Sc., D.Ch., IIWCC
In an ongoing series, Anamelva will share her knowledge regarding common foot ailments and appropriate treatments. Most of us will encounter a problem at one time or another, so read and learn! If you’re in pain, or suffer from any of the ensuing conditions, call Anamelva today!